Nurse Innovator Award Application

The Nurse Innovator Award is a recognition program sponsored by the Missouri Nurses Foundation (MNF). This award recognizes the contributions of all nurses in any stage of their careers, who demonstrate innovative approaches to improve care for their patients and/or improve the quality of healthcare and healthcare outcomes for their target population.

The MNF is a philanthropic and educational partner of the Missouri Nursing Association. The purpose of MNF is to support opportunities for the development, maintenance, and enhancement of high-quality professional nursing in Missouri and to foster, in collaboration with nursing, community, and health related organizations, the professional nursing role in promoting and improving the quality of healthcare and healthcare outcomes for all Missourians.

The vision and mission statements of the MNF are as follows:

Vision: To connect the past, improve the present, and anticipate the future of nursing in Missouri.

Mission: To promote and advance the nursing profession and enhance the health and well-being of Missourians.

Nurse Innovator Award Program Aim: To recognize nurse-led initiatives and to encourage evidence-based, patient-centered innovations that are the heart of nursing. This award recognizes nurses who demonstrate qualities of leader and innovator, and who contribute to the nursing profession by improving or promoting the health of Missourians.

Eligibility: Individuals and teams are welcome to apply.

Award: Selected projects will receive a $1000 award.

To apply, please follow this process:

  • If the applicant is a team, the person designated as the team leader should complete/submit the application materials
    • Applicant/team leader completes the abstract (Download Word Template).
    • Applicant/team leader completes the Eligibility Confirmation, Truthful Disclosure, and Project/Photo Release Form (Download Fillable PDF)
    • Applicant/team leader provides a resume and a headshot/photograph (if team, provide team lead only)
  • Attach required documents to the application form below using the following naming structure in quotes. Be sure to replace “LastName” with applicant/team leader’s last name.
    • Abstract – “2023_Innovator_Abstract_LastName”
    • Eligibility Confirmation/Truthful Disclosure/Release Form – “2023_Innovator_Confirmation_LastName”
    • Resume – “2023_Innovator_Resume_LastName”
    • Headshot Photo in jpg format, “2023_Innovator_Photo_LastName”
  • Submit the form


Questions that arise during your submission may be directed to .

  • Completed Application Packet. If the applicant is a team, the person designated as the team leader should complete the application packet. The applicant can type the abstract directly into this packet. If a team is selected as an award recipient, the cash award will be presented to the team lead, who can decide how to distribute the funds.
  • Project Abstract – up to 2000-word count. This abstract provides a summary of the project, including goals, timeline, impact of the project, and outcomes, the applicant’s role, and next steps, if any. Describe strategies that contributed to you or your team’s success.
  • Eligibility Confirmation, Truthful Disclosure, and Project and Photo Release Form. This document certifies that the individuals and the majority of team member applicants licensed as are registered Nurse in Missouri, and are providing accurate information about their project submission, and agree to have information about their project, including their photographs, published if selected as a recipient of this award.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV). This document should include the applicant’s education, nursing specific work history, committees, professional affiliations/organizations, major projects, and any community service. If a team is applying, only the team leader should provide a resume or CV.
  • Applicant/Team Leader provides headshot/photo.

Application Form